The new preview of F1 Manager 2022 through the PC Gaming Show

The conferences we have seen throughout these days have left us with quite exciting titles, and if there is something that has prevailed above all, it has been the variety. From the State of Play several weeks ago to the Xbox and Bethesda conference, we could see a vast number of titles of unquestionable quality and from different genres. So much so that there has been room for motor fans. And no, we are not talking about Forza Motorsport, but about F1 Manager 2022, a title developed by Frontier Developments (Planet Zoo, Jurassic World Evolution) that will arrive very shortly.

New prewiew of F1 Manager 2022
It has been through the PC Gaming Show conference where we have seen the new game set in the most-watched motor competition in the world and from which we will be able to follow The Plan that we have always wanted to know from the inside.

As seen in this new preview, we will have to lead the project of one of the ten teams available within the current Formula 1, from Red Bull Racing to Alpine, passing through Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin, or Haas. Our passage through each circuit will depend entirely on our decisions, with quite exciting options such as the choice of engine, whether to be more aggressive in the race, reserving gasoline, changing tires, or even ordering whether to overtake your teammate or not.

Of course, it is one of the complete titles in this discipline, and, despite not being able to be in the hands of a single-seater, we will be able to juggle becoming world champions thanks to our decisions. The game will be released as early access on August 25 for all platforms, but we will only have access to play if we buy the full game as such.