Do you make people in just a few minutes? Epic Games launches the latest version of Meta Human

The launch of the Meta Human Framework allows creators to create more realistic human characters.

Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Sung-cheol), a Korean corporation, provides everything for Unreal Engine, Store and Digital Creative Ecosystem, Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Sung-cheol), a world-renowned game developer, is a meta-human frame supporting the new meta human plug-in ‘ It announced on the 10th that it has released a work.

The Meta Human, which was released this time, provides a perfect framework to create a very realistic human character, and includes a cloud-based free app that can produce a completely rigging high-quality digital human in just a few minutes. have.

In the latest version of Meta Human, you can see a variety of new features, including new meta-human plug-in for Unreal Engine, new character tools for Unreal Engine 5, and new features of Meta Human Creator.

First of all, ‘Messi-Meta Human’, which is newly introduced in the latest version of the Meta Human, is a meta-human plug-in for Unreal Engine, and if you bring a custom facial mesh to Unreal Engine, it is converted into a meta-human who can be completely riging and animating in just a few minutes. It is a function.

In other words, if the user loads the texture mesh made of scan, scanning, or an existing modeling tool to Unreal Engine 5, it is combined with the body type on the meta-human option according to the meta-human template using automated landmark tracking in UE5.. The template is then transmitted to the cloud and is converted to the meta-human database that is most suitable for meta human. This converted meta-human can be downloaded immediately or further modified from Meta Human creators.

Next, the latest version of Meta Human supports the new character Rigging, animation, and pipaxes of Unreal Engine 5.

Through this, based on the control rick, the default rigging system of Unreal Engine, it is easily and easy to make rigs, shared it with several characters, or maintain existing animations with IK Rick, and adjust the characters additionally, or Chaos, the default pidic engine of Unreal Engine 5. When you fall, you can make a realistic meta human, like wrapping your head. In addition, as Quick Cell Bridge is integrated into Unreal Engine editors, it can add meta-human to Unreal Engine 5 projects with several clicks, making it easy to create realistic characters in real time.

Meanwhile, a variety of new functions are added to the Meta Human creator, which can be useful to modify your own custom meta human or create a new meta human. New new hairstyles, 10 facial animations that give liveliness to characters, 6 body poses on the face, and 5 faces that express emotions are added.


Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, Last year, the Meta Human Creator Early Access has provided a wonderful experience for anyone to easily produce high-quality digital humanities.Epic leads this field and is a meta-human plug-in for Unreal Engine. I am very pleased to launch a meta-human framework with various features, he said. I hope you try it.

For more information on the latest version of Meta Human, visit the Unreal Engine homepage.