How to rob a bank in Roblox Livetopia

With experience, just as Livetopia, the possibilities of role-playing games are limitless. Start your dream career, create a noisy family and get out a sweet pet or you will get off the direct and narrow path and come into life full of crimes and secrets! If your idea of entertainment is the second option, continue to read a short guide below to find out how to start.

robbery Topia Bank, explanation


As soon as you appear in Livetopia, turn around-you should see the grill of in front of you.

Enter this building and climb the stairs to the room room. Like Topia High, this building has several inputs, but it does not matter which one you use. Once in the room with a storage, press the Inventory button button on the right side of the screen and scroll down until you see the explosive object shown below.

Click on the explosives to equip it, then click on the hand of your Roblokian to throw it near the storage door.

When you are ready to blow up the explosives, press the red button on the detonator remote control. This will blow up the door, and you will fall into the room behind her.

This next room is filled with several lasers, some of which are moving, and some do not, through which you will need to maneuver in order to get to the last door of the storage.

As soon as you get to this door, repeat the process described above to place the explosives next to the door and blow it up.

Inside the last storage is the only sports bag filled with money.

As soon as you click on this bag to put it on, the police officer will receive a notification, and you will receive a search rating. Leave the bank as quickly as you can, and jump into your car to escape to escape before you find you. After a few seconds, the search rating will disappear, which means that you have successfully robbed Topia, and you were not caught!

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