The best assemblies of the sword and shield in the new light

In the New World, the combination of the sword and shield is the very first weapon you will meet. In addition, this is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. But which assemblies are best for the game? Of course, everything will depend on your game style, so you need to know what perks, characteristics and skills you consider the most valuable. If you want to have an excellent assembly of the sword and shield for both PVE and PVP, read our preferred assemblies below.

Sword and Shield / Staff of Life Paladin Bild

This assembly can sound like a full mouth, but it is incredibly valuable. It is ideal for solo, as it has a high level of survival, since it requires high characteristics of the focus and physique. Another wonderful aspect of this assembly is the fact that you can switch between treatment and tanking. With the weapon Sword and Shield you will want to use active skills. Blow with a shield and also blow with a shield . As for Light Staff, you need to focus on applying huge damage with active skills. Field of protection as well as lighthouse .

The whole purpose of this assembly is to reduce incoming damage, as well as strengthen your healing and give positive effects to you and your allies.

sword and shield/ax maximum traffic police build

This build pays great attention to power and guarantees that you will beat strongly and quickly. You can keep enemies under control with the help of such passive skills as master of the sword as well as berserk to increase damage and speed. There are also many passive abilities that can cover a large distance, apply a mass of damage and increase the movement and speed of attack. You must be careful, since this assembly is not enough HP and protection, but you will apply such great damage that it will be difficult to notice.

The most important passive abilities that should be taken into account in this assembly will be a reinforced staff from the Sword and Shield Swordmaster skills and throw death challenge from the Hatchet Berserker skills tree.

Sword and Shield / War Hammer Pure Defender Tank Build

Unlike the two previous builds, this has excellent protection and even the best ability to tank. In this assembly, much attention is paid to physique, which is great for survival. You will also like the style of the game of this assembly if you like to reject and knock enemies from your feet with deafening debuffs. This assembly also uses only the abilities of the Sword and Shield Defender skills and the War Hammer Crowd Crusher skills. Another funny aspect of this assembly is that it allows you to be ahead and in the center, not suffering from the consequences of severe damage.


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