[Planning] Is this game as a board?

I wanted to sell it properly, but it wasn’t easy.

You need to find someone to do with you, you need a place to do, you have to invest for three or four hours, and you need to study to some extent to enjoy it properly. So is the board game. I know it’s fun, and I know it’s fun to look at it.

Still, I tried it. It was a problem since there were so many people who played the board game before, and it was not difficult to find a board game with people who only knew the game. There is no problem with the place. The important thing is, ‘What kind of game do you play?’

The problem is that we are all in video games, but they are out of board games. I’ve never touched the dice since I have been, but what’s the answer to come out? I had a delusion to play a table top game like Warhammer, but it would be no different from the four people who couldn’t read the rulebook properly.

So, I changed the method of selection. There are two ways to challenge the fields you don’t know since ancient times. One is to go to the easiest way as possible, and the other is to find elements of interest. But we don’t even know what’s easy and difficult. After all, we have to look forward to ‘interest’. I started looking for a board game that was intertwined with video games. There are a lot of IPs that are more familiar than I thought.

I found it like that, there is no such good article material. If you’re a video gamer, you’ll have already been released as a ‘board game’. The game was left to others and secretly summarized the list. I want to try a board game like us, but what games are as familiar to video gamers who don’t know what to do.

StarCraft-Korea official release

As a child, I went to Jirisan Cheonghak-dong for two weeks because I couldn’t overcome my parents’ invitation. At the time, more than 100 kids gathered in Cheonghak-dong were similar to me, and the children who just started StarCraft, so Cheonghak-dong without a computer is like a prison without a grate. The only way to lean on those kids was only paper and pencils.

Perhaps it was because of the memory of this time that he made a fireplace with the wrapping paper of military underwear. Buildings and units drawn in the practice range divided into Cannes. At first, it was crude, but after a week, it became a game to play. If there was a game at that time, I would not have built a mountain with an eraser shit.

StarCraft, which is officially imported in Korea, is a StarCraft that is just a computer. It is a disadvantage that you have to be familiar with the 50-page rulebook, and one edition is nearly three or four hours, but hundreds of APMs are not dreamed of a better choice.

Unlike the PC version, it is also interesting that the composition of the battlefield is a planetary system, not one planet. In the end, you can enjoy the Space Opera, the attraction of StarCraft, which is covered by the genre of strategy simulation game, but the main team and multi-planet are represented by each planet.

God of War-Korea official release

When I found out that it exists, I dreamed of my eyes and said, ‘Silver?’ It’s a card, Nabal, and I’m taking a picture with an ax. This is a board game. In addition to the original protagonists Crete and Atreus, six playable characters, including Mimir, Freya, and Brock and Sindri, have four simultaneous players.

What is particularly interesting about this game is that the main scenes in the game were used to express each quest. Depending on the type of quests, the main scenes in the game are created when the card is placed, with a total of 10 scenes from Alpheim to the battle of Hwleyer and the fight against Valdur. Most of the board games that use video game IP don’t know the original, but the point is that this game can be enjoyed much more fun if you played the original.

Above all, all objects and fixtures are made up of cards and there are no miniatures, so it’s relatively unparalleled, but the price is cheaper. It is a pretty good price range that maintains a list price of 50,000 won among board games that exceed 100,000 won. It’s just a lot of miniature-based games, and it’s quite bulky for card games. Of course, it’s okay if you don’t have a guest. Because it’s a game that plays one person…

Escape Plan - Official How-to-Play Video


After all, a board game that comes to mind. There are also many genres in the board game, but Doomboard games are the breakthrough board games that connect Desent and Star Wars: Imperial Assault. There are 5 players. Like ‘Devade’ I ‘Lee Bolb’, four people play Doom Guy, and the other plays the devil camp.

Anyway, the purpose of the game is simple. If you take all the target items of the monsters, Doomai’s victory is the victory of Doomgai. From Imp to Cyber Daemon, all the monsters from the original are not only the meticulousness of the glory kills, but also the chainsaw, a friendly communication assistant.

The speed of progress is fast for the board game, so it feels like the original. Nevertheless, it continues the concept of the 2016 Remake Doom, but it is a bit unfortunate that it is difficult to feel the heart trembling and immersion of the original because the game is completely opposite in the fun of pursuing board games. In addition, the official release of Korean is not made.

DesW of Mine-Korea’s official release

What is the video game that can be made with board games? The first game I remembered when I did it. When I played on my computer, it was a game that made me think about it all the time, so I thought it would be good to be made as a board game. The game, which can be played up to six people, is a darker survival game than a computer version.

The fact that ‘every plate is a different story’, which is the attractiveness of the original, is melted enough for board games. There are more than 1,900 events in the scriptbook attached to the game, and the game is intentionally designed to avoid overlapping and not occurring. For those who want a narrative-oriented game.

In addition, the original element of the survival simulator, featuring several characters, is more dramatic in board games. Players will discuss the various situations that occur in the game progress, but players with the right to decision exists separately. You may be dogmatic or become mediators of consultation. It is also interesting that there is a ‘save & road’ system to save the original feeling. If it was not officially released, it would not have been recommended because of the language pressure, but fortunately the translation was made.

Resident Evil 2

A game based on Resident Evil (Biohazard), one of the world’s most successful zombie apocalypse IP. Among them, the two most masterpieces are adapted to board games. The main story of the game is to select one of the prepared scenarios by participating in 4 people and dig up the secrets of Umbrella.

The game follows many parts of the original. Not only a game that changes zombies such as daing lights and left dead, but the original film that shows the game that carefully steps on one step, cares for ammunition, and focuses on survival, exploration, and avoiding crisis situations. It is matched. The part that shows this is the ‘door’ system.

If you open the door, you can pioneer a new passage, but I don’t know what enemies are behind the door. Even when attacking, the view should be secured between the characters and the zombies, and the attack can only be tried by considering sufficient ammunition and range. In the case of cooperation, everyone does not start in one place, but starts from other parts of the map and moves towards the goal.

The original IP and the game configuration are well organized, so the evaluation is good. However, it is unfortunate that the official release of Korea is not made, so it is necessary to make its own Korean language to resolve language barriers, and the additional scenario must be bought again.


A vicious game version of a vicious game that must protect the earth according to the special departments of the most unsupported friends on the planet. As it was a turn-based game, the completion of the board game is not low. In terms of the original, the core system of the game may be melted in all board games. This means that the contents of the original work were placed in the original, from resources management, urinary crop development and UFO shots, technology research and soldier mission allocation.

Above all, what makes this game special is the ‘Companion App’. When playing the game, gamers can run a free download companion app that can be downloaded free of charge, and the random counter or invasion plan from the original is set through the app. Considering that all the variables of the board game are determined on the dice, there is one more medium for creating a new variable that raises the depth of the game.

In addition, there is also an advantage that the difficulty adjustment can be adjusted when playing with this app. In the case of the original work, the iron man must be turned on at the difficulty.