Halo Infinite: New Event Fracture Enterched started

The new Event Fracture Entrenched has started and provides Halo Infinte players with a free 30-step event Pass full of thematic content around the new, diesel punk-inspired, Eaglesttrike armor core.

Halo Infinite - Fracture Entrenched Battle Pass Rewards & How to Complete Challenges

By playing multiplayer games and completed challenges, it is important to climb the levels of the passport and unlock cosmetic items, which include visors, armor parts, color schemes and poses. Ultimate Rewards and Shop items are also based on fracture: entrenched.

In the course of the event, the new Land Grab mode is introduced. In the target-based arenam mode, two teams fight for control over three neutral zones. Every conquered zone brings a point. The team, which is the first eleven points, leaves the battlefield as the winner.

The first edition of the event that has now started runs until May 31. Then fracture: Entrenched will return five more times while Season 2 return. Ten step upstairs are possible per episode.

On top of that, from Episode 2 on Halo Waypoint, a five-part story is published, on the course of which the community can actively influence.