Management in Rising Rufus The Foreman Boss

Rufus is the third boss in V Rising. The next leadership will tell you everything you need to know about how to easily find and defeat Rufus in V Riding.

V Rising Rufus The Foreman Location

You can find Rufus by going to the camp of lumberjacks of bandits in the Farbein forest. Its exact location is marked on the map below.

Recommended equipment to win over Rufus forman in V Riding

You should have a level of equipment at least 20 to fight Rufus, a master. If you need to increase the level of your equipment to achieve this threshold, you can create objects mentioned below. Most likely, you can rise above the 20th level, which will only facilitate this battle.

  • Copper spear (required 16 units of copper and 12 boards)
  • A set of lance armor of the bone guard (60 animals are required)
  • Ring with a bloody rose (80 plant fibers, 30 bloody roses and one bone ring are required)

How to defeat Ruhfus Forman in V Riding

V Rising - Rufus the Foreman - Boss Mechanics and Location
Like most bosses, Rufus will be surrounded by mobs. If you attack recklessly, you will receive an aggro, and then you will have to deal with Rufus and its troops. If you approach him with caution, you can isolate it from his troops.

Like Grayson, a gunsmith, Rufus also loves to throw traps when you are approaching. He will abandon the network before rolling away. If you get into the network, Rufus will use its crossbow to inflict damage.

Please note that his crossbow causes a stunning damage, which means that you will lose your mobility. You can either free yourself from the network using any ability, or get out of a stunning state, using a gap for quick movements.

You can use Veil of Blood to quickly leave the road when he throws his network. You can also evade its main attacks in the same way as it should be easy.

Rufus also has the effect of “bloody rage”, which forces him and his troops to apply increased damage. That is why you must ensure not to attract his troops during the battle.

To fight Rufus alone, you need to approach it from the bridge or from the back of the arena. Go straight to Rufus, without attacking and not warning any of his troops.

It is best to use the bridge, because if everything is done correctly, its troops will ignore you. It is important that you hold Rufus in the same area during the battle or warn its troops so that they join the right flank.

V Rising Rufus The Foreman Boss REWARDS

The following items can be obtained after victory over Rufus foreman in V Riding:

  • Abilities: bloody rage
  • Structures: table for woodworking
  • Recipes: hunting crossbow, fishing rod, carved tree, picture frame.