New world

Delivered on October 28 at the island-making action RPG Crystarise Steam

Domestic developer Yukiusagi Games announced on May 22 that the 2D Open World Action RPG “Crystarise ” will be distributed on October 28. The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

“Crystarise” is an open-world action RPG that combines field search action and base customization simulation. The protagonist is a girl who is entrusted with the mission to become a guardian deity of the “mysterious Sorashima” floating in the sky. She descends to the “Great Earth” in search of her resources to develop the sky island. In her work, she will create her own island while going back and forth between Sorashima and the earth.

Great land is automatically generated every time you visit. In the vast field, there are environments such as plains, deserts, or dark dungeons, and you can get various resources such as wood and ore. In addition, the monsters are wandering. The protagonist’s girl can do actions such as slashing, shooting, and dashes. She uses these to fight, defeat monsters, and acquire more resources. She may be able to find other treasure chests and bring back the recipes needed to create the resources, items collected, and necessary things.

The mysterious Sorashima is only large enough to fit on one screen at first but can be expanded freely by combining the obtained resources to create the earth. It is said that there is no upper limit on the extension and can be expanded infinitely. The land can be cut and designed in block units. Then, freely place things and NPCs on the ground and customize them to your own island. It seems that there are a wide variety of things, such as trees, farms, street lamps, fountains, and vending machines, and will be created based on recipes and resources.

There is a quest board on Sorashima, and you can also receive quests for the rewarding material. It seems that there are quests that defeat certain monsters from simple tasks such as opening treasure chests and breaking rocks. Apart from this, this work also seems to have the main quest.

Creating things from the material is not only for expanding and decorating Sorashima but also for giving power to the hero girl. For example, if you build a windmill, the dash will be faster, and if you put a lot of street lamps, you can adventure like daytime at night. So to speak, it is a character-built element, and it seems that such monos skills are provided for each thing. In this work, we will go back and forth between Sorashima and the earth and will grow the girl with Sorashima and the girl together.

“Crystarise” will be distributed on October 28 for PC (Steam).