Corvus Belli reveals the first glance to Warcrow Miniatures

Warcrow Official Teaser
Corvus Belli has revealed a first glance to the miniatures that will appear in his next war warehouse_ series of games. Corvus Belli revealed the miniature of Zsoka Isimun, a dwarf hero who will appear in the next Warcrow_ Aventures. Zsoka is strongly armored and wields a mortal war peak and a great shield. She will appear inWar Cuervos,a Dungeon-Crawler style board game that will launch this fall. You can see a first look at the miniature below:

In addition, Corvus Belli explained some additional details about the new game, showing the various attributes that each character will have. In addition to basic statistics such as health, energy and speed, each character letter also has a series of statistics that indicate what dice they will throw when they want to make certain checks. In addition to having physical and magical defense, each letter also shows dice of strength, perception, agility, charisma, intelligence and willpower. Each character also has a basic skill that gives them (or their allies) additional skills. You can get more information about howWarcrow_ Aventures works in the following video.

Corvus Belli is considered one of the main creators of science fiction miniatures, and fans are excited to see what they will do with a fantasy scenario. The game editor not only gives players advances of a deep world through several videos (such as the one seen above), but also publishes information and configuration material on their website. A remarkable aspect of theWar Horvo_ Universe is that its world is devastated by a mysterious fog, which can leave catatonic people or make them disappear completely.

Corvus Belli plans to launchWarcrow_ this autumn, followed by a complete warfall_ game of miniature skirmishes in gene with 2023.