Elden Ring: The end game is missing, what else does it make so great

It is no secret: I am completely fell on Elden Ring. My journey through the intermediate country was characterized by a lot of heights and only very a few depths. After I have already dedicated a few articles to the highlights, I will now tell you why I felt a section of the game in the endgame as a small dry spell.

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for the complete game.

the “natural game flow”

Buldom: The word comes to my mind when I am supposed to describe my Elden ring gaming experience. Yes, there are bosses for which I needed more than ten attempts, I have often got lost and I don’t like all areas. Nevertheless, during my trip I had the feeling that I was in a natural flow of game that carries me through the intermediate country by itself.

The secrets that are waiting at all corners and ends have put me on like a magnet and the game gave me the freedom to explore them in intuitive order and speed. Holded me up a hard boss, I did not necessarily have to repeat the fight right away, but was able to break up in a different direction so that I later returned steels.

Some sections of the path could even be completely dealt with with alternative routes. The result was that the frustration and the feeling of working -down failed – at least until shortly before the end.

Highlight on the giant mountain summit

On the home stretch I lacked exactly this freedom and the many surprises that Elden Ring made so unique to me. Significant for this: I only consulted a guide once during the first run – and that was quite towards the end when I wanted to know how many duties are still between me and the final boss. Easy impatience came up for the first time.

After the epic giant fight, that was on the mountain summit of the giants and the dramatic scene in which I lit the fire. The highlight of the adventure was reached at this point. I was ready for the grand finale, but that stayed away. What came instead did not find it as fascinating as the rest. This also applies to the two big bosses in front of the fire giant, the Godfrey phantom and Morgot.

for linear and too few surprises

The problem was only partially with the opponent designs. Yes, I would not have really needed the two enemies already mentioned and Gideon Ofnir and the duo of the gods – but that was essentially because I had already defeated so much cooler or simply similar bosses.

On the other hand, Maliketh, as the second phase of the best attendant, Godfreys transformation in Hoarah Loux or the final boss itself, were pretty cool. In another game or simply in a different section of the game, I would have appreciated these confrontations.

However, more than the boss lineup itself was significant that the feeling of the game changed at once because the path was much clearer and it was less to explore. In addition, the last boss ranks looked lengthy for me and lost some of the tension that was previously built up. Compared to the AHA experiences that I have experienced regularly until then, it remained relatively unspectacular.

Samara Summer

[email protected] in the winter

Dark Souls 3. Actually, she only wanted to try the first boss was the first soul game to which Samara dared to get to, but it was hardly defeated, it was about her. The author then also made up for other from titles. So far, their favorites have been Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne. Elden Ring could even beat the two titles in her personal top list. The reason for this are the many secrets, aha experiences, small stories on the way and the complex, versatile combat system.

what would I have liked instead?

I wouldn’t even have wanted a shorter sprint, but definitely an entertaining 1. I would have liked to do without bosses that have already occurred in a similar form, such as the duo of the godskalpe or Godfrey (or rather its phantom form).

Instead, there could have been more goosebumps moments, as in the epic-staged finale on the mountain summit, in the development of Mohgs and Mibeapella’s dark history or one of the numerous other secrets.

Elden Ring: The Problem Nobody Talks About With The End-Game
Don’t get me wrong: I still enjoyed Elden Ring’s last section of the game. But just since I hold the title for a masterpiece, I had expected a crowning conclusion. Instead, it seemed to me that the game was in the end forgot some of its greatest strengths. For me there was a break – or let’s say: a minimal scratch in the otherwise wonderful ring.

How were the final sprint in Elden Ring?
Or was there another passage in the game that you felt as a weaker?