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Warzone professional Jukeyz sits against everyone up to three top

Competitive Warzone is a violent arena and a melting pot of committed streamers, former Call of Duty professionals and emerging talents. One of the best is Liverpool’s Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James, who has earned well over $ 200,000 in prize money from Warzone tournaments since the start of the Battle Royale in 2020.

While in the past he has proven to be one of the, if not the best player in the game, Jukeyz has not been at the top of his game since the introduction of the Caldera card. In an interview with The PC player 24 after his tour of America for his see me in Na-Serichtlaut Jukeyz that only three Warzone professionals can claim to be better than he is at the top of his game.

In the opinion of Jukeyz Ben “Almond” Rosendahl is at the top. “I just adore him as a player,” he says. “He’s just so good. To be honest, probably the best that Warzone has ever decorated – and not just for this card [Caldera]. The child is just ridiculous. [Thomas’ Tommey ’Trewren] has the best duo ever.”

Jukeyz also calls his British player Ethan ‘Fifakill’ Pink as one of his three best players. While Jukeyz jokes that he could “shoot his life out of his life”, he says that Fifakill’s “brain is huge” and is probably the best player in the game when it comes to playing the game and strategy.

His top 3 is rounded off by the “damn incredible” Kasimili “Hisoka” Tonga Tongamoa, Jukeyz ‘duo for his “See Me In Na” tour.

Apart from these three players, Jukeyz says that he is protecting himself against any other in the competitive Warzone scene.

However, Jukeyz admits that he is currently concentrating on improving in his eyes to become the best player in the game again – even if Caldera does not fit as much as his style now buried.

How JUKEYZ Became the BEST PRO Warzone Player
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