Path of exile

The new patch Path of Exiles makes balanced editing for the properties of retaliation

As promised, a team of developers from Grinding Gear Games released a new patch 3.18.0b for Action-RPG Path of Exiles, which conducts the balancing of the properties of retaliation (archemeisis modifiers), making them less problematic for players.

In addition, the changes affected some monsters. In rare and magic, Savor in ritual meetings (Ritual Encounters) were reduced, but increased the amount of tribute received from them. Magic elite black guards, accompanied by Pete in the crematorium, together with General Gravicia in the camp of the Eben Legion now have 40% less hitpects. And this is only a small part of the changes, you can familiarize yourself with everyone else. By the way, the developers say that these are not final balanced edits, and in the future they plan to make the necessary adjustments.

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GGG also released a new paid armor for the marauder, which will increase his body along with the raising of the character strength. It costs “Maroider Body Armor” 260 sintes in the game store.