[Interview] The reason for calling the board game writer

There are quite a few people who enjoy both sides, but for those who play PCs and console games, the area of ‘board game’ is in a rather complicated position. If you do it right, it will be as fun as the games you do now, but I think it’s hard to do it right. But let’s run in, and I need a friend to do with it, and it’s hard to start. Would you like to play a simple game? It doesn’t seem to be fun again.

It’s so interesting, but it’s hard to get closer. It wasn’t much different from the country. Therefore, even though I saw the board game writer Zone on the corner of the play x4, I didn’t touch it at once. In general, the writer in game development would be a position that corresponds to the scenario lighter.

The artist John was not so big. Game writers were sitting on nine tables, and when visitors approached, they introduced the game and showed how to play. Some of them have distributed games for free, but since this is the first time this year, it was inevitable that the awkwardness of the awkwardness was inevitable.

The biggest problem was that I didn’t know the board game. I wanted to ask why this space was created, and I wanted to ask how the ‘writers’ who participated here. As such, one of the people lingering around the booth caught the eye. The nameplate called ‘Board Game Artist Association’ was shown, and the conversation that began to ask slightly began to settle down, and it became a pretty deep interview.

Q. Thank you for taking time. First of all, can you simply introduce yourself?

It is said to be the chairman of the association of the Board Game Artist Association, which is a group that supports board game writers. He operates a board game cafe and is also producing games as a writer.

Q. By the way, what is the meaning of the name ‘writer’ in the board game industry?

It may be a concept that corresponds to developers of general PC games, but it is a bit different in detail. To understand this, it’s easy to know how the board game industry is made. To briefly explain, the roots of the board game are not the game industry we know, but in the books and publishing industries that started in Europe near Germany.

The most easily seen point of the two industries is the cover, and all board games have the name of the artist on the packaging cover. Whether it’s literature or inscription, isn’t the artist’s name on the cover? Even Harley Galli also shows the name of the writer, ‘HAIM SHAFIR’.

And the market is formed around these writers. There are a lot of famous writers in the board game industry, and the artist’s bone marrow fans often buy a game from the artist’s name before checking the game. In the case of video games, developers are also divided into various positions, but board games are actually used by one person and often work on personal units.

Q. Previously, there was no artist zone in the play x4, but how did you come this year?

In addition to the Board Game Artist Association, there were board game industry associations, and they participated in the process of communicating with the Industrial Association. In addition, the artist John was operated similarly at the board game festa held last week. As mentioned earlier, the artist’s position in the board game industry is quite important, so in the case of ‘game market’, a board game event held in spring and autumn in Japan, it is actually a huge artist.

This ‘writer John’ is actually an exotic side that is not seen in the video game industry. In general, most industries try to hide new ideas and concepts thoroughly, and make sure that security is full. The artist John plays a video game, and the PD will be presented to the public with a plan. Copyright protection for game rules is very difficult, but isn’t it disclosed to the public about the unused ideas?

But the board game industry is not like that. You can think of it as a similarity to the publishing industry mentioned above. The board game is not a form of a developer like a video game, but a form of a writer and a contract with the company. It has a category of the same ‘game’ but is a characteristic of the board game industry that is different from the video game.

Q. How many writers belong to the Board Game Artist Association, and how do the association actually help?

For now, more than 100 writers belong to. Of course, there are not many people who work in full -time artists. Some of the domestic artists have achieved great results abroad and are full -time artists, but most of them are still making their own works in parallel. In addition, there are also artists who are at the stage of challenge, which has not yet suffered the stage of publishing.

To explain the role, we usually help the artists that can’t be easily d1. As I said, most writers are working as a side job, not in full -time, and of course, it is difficult to know about other areas other than game development. How to write a contract, how to enter the market, and how to distinguish between good publishers and not publishers.

In addition, the artists have regular meetings, testing each other’s games, feedback, leaving advice and appreciation. The board game requires numerous offline tests because it is impossible to test through the Internet, and the tests of workers in the same field are very valuable.

Q. As a PC and console gamer, I want to play a board game, but I’m ashamed, but I don’t know what the charm of the board game is, and what kind of game I can know about the charm of the board game. Can you tell me some?

There are so many people. In fact, it is inevitable. It is not easy to find out and study by yourself and study al1. I am now president of the association, but I only played PCs and console games until I was thirty.

Then, after 30, I played the first board game and realized that there was a world I didn’t know. When I bought a game, I was filled with the warehouse of the house, and eventually I wanted to make my own game and quit a big company that I had been well and opened a board game cafe.

There are so many board games, and it’s not easy because there are so many good games, but if it’s a relatively easy game, I would like to recommend ‘Summoner Wars’ and ‘Century: The Road of Spice’. And if you are a PC or console gamer, it may be a little easier. Have you ever played Dark Soul?

Of course I tried.

What is ‘God of War’?

I also played.

I don’t know well, but both games have a full board game, and many are playing. As IP movements are free, there are a lot of cases where PCs and console games are made into board games and are still increasing. For gamers, these games may be more attractive.

** Q. Honestly, I didn’t know at all. I need to reflect. I quit the company that I had been well and said that I was a board game writer, but was it attractive enough to be ready?

I said, I was a PC and console gamer, and of course I dreamed of developing games. Konami, Capcom, don’t you think I want to be a member of them naturally when I play games with these names? But as I got older, I learned that the process of game development is very different from my thoughts. I majored in design, so it would have been possible if I tried to participate in the game development, but as you know, isn’t it a representative group creation?

To control all of the game development, it had to be a PD, but I wasn’t a person who could do PD, and it wasn’t very attractive to be one of the many developers who climbed a line of credit. That’s why since then, I’ve chosen a way as a gamer rather than dreaming of developing games.

But it’s not a board game. The name of the writer is attached to the cover, and the artist must create everything in the game. Since I learned that the game I make is fully, I think the old dream of game development has not been revived again. And Well… it was like this.

Q. I’m in the Artist Association, so I will actually produce a game. What kind of game did I produce?

So far, I have produced a few games, but there is only one recently developed ‘Last Message’. It is a mystery game that divides the role of criminals, detectives, and victims. This game was nominated for the Golden Geek Awards, the awards ceremony of BoardgameGeek, the biggest board game community. I don’t know yet, but I think it’s an honor only by the nomination.

Q. How much time does it usually take to make a board game?

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The production process of board games is completely different from video games, so it is very difficult to identify the development period. When the plan is made, the future development process can be roughly inferred in consideration of the development manpower, development cost, and infrastructure, but the board game is each.