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Hakusura ARPG “PATH OF EXILE” The number of simultaneous connectors is 13 times at a stretch. Hakusura style poetry that came this term

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The basic play free Hakusura ARPG “Path of EXILE” has a population explosion on May 13 at Steam, “the number of simultaneous people who were about 10,000 people, exceeded 130,000 the next day.” However, this is a traditional event in this work. It is a kind of annual event in this work.

“PATH OF EXILE” is Hakusura ARPG, which is handled by GRINDING GEAR GAMES (hereinafter GGG). It is popular in Japan and overseas, and there are many domestic players. This work has been distributed in 2013, and has been distributed for regular expansion called the “League”. The population explodes at the timing of expanded distribution, and the calm cycle is repeated over a certain period (Steamdb). For this reason, the player population of this work has a characteristic shape like a “saw blade” in the graph (related article). The same cycle seems to have started with the extension “Sentinel” this term. A lot of players who have been away from this work have been “returning home” at once, and there is a population increase of nearly 13 times.

The new expansion “SENTINEL” was distributed on May 13 local time. The centerpiece is the appearance of Sentinel, an ancient device that follows the players and has various effects. The main function of Sentinel is to improve the reward by strengthening enemies. By strengthening the enemy, you can get more luxurious rewards. Players have the effects of the desired effects by adjusting Sentinel’s behavior and combining Sentinel. In addition, UNIQUE SENTINEL has a special effect that helps players, and there seems to be Sentinel, which has the same functions as existing unique equipment.

Other elements include new unique items, implementation of equipment synthesis functions by new calencies, and ATLAS passive skills have been added. In addition, 7 types of Uber (enhanced) versions are added for powerful bosses. Uber Sirus and he can fight Uber Elder. An interesting attempt is that the character balance has not been adjusted in this “SENTINEL”. In other words, the character build and guide in the previous expansion “Siege of the Atlas” are used as they are. In this extension, the PC version supported the controller operation.

Due to the recruitment of translation staff, the developer GGG has been partially implemented in the test in the first year. I would like to expect authentic Japanese support in the future. The developer has revised the plan for the sequel, Path of EXILE 2, which was expected to be released in 2022. For about two years, the fans are likely to repeat the cycle in Path of EXILE.

“Path of EXILE” new league “Sentinel” is currently being distributed to PC (official website/Steam/Epic Games Store). It will be distributed on May 18 local time for Xbox One and unmodified PlayStation 4.