Twitch: China restricts children to donate their spending money – should that additionally are available in Germany?

The state of China wants children and also teenagers under the age of 18 not surf the Internet and gamble as a lot. For this they have now passed 2 extra policies.

What 2 regulations brings China? Both brand-new guidelines especially influence online streaming in the nation. As necessary, individuals under the age of 18 are permitted:

The policies do not refer to Jerk or Youtuber, but to Bilibili, Huya, Douyu as well as Douyin. Bilibili is approximately the Chinese YouTube, Huya as well as Douyu are livestream systems as well as Douyin is a sort of TikTok.

  • No more donations transmit to banners.
  • View streams after 10:00 p.m. The real-time streams are blocked and they have no chance to go after the transmission.

Should the contribution guideline additionally apply to children in Germany?

Several livestreamer program contributions in their transmissions or perhaps check out aloud. For many children as well as teenagers, this is a kind of focus or unique emphasize when the donation is revealed or read aloud in the material or the stream developer also thanks (by name).

Lots of youngsters as well as children take streamers as a good example, appreciate them as well as like to utilize their moms and dads’ very own pocket cash or occasionally also the map of their moms and dads to sustain their faves in regards to cash.

Accordingly, people under the age of 18 are just permitted to play 1 hour a day on the weekend break. In addition, the licenses for brand-new online video games were reduced down due to the fact that they have to satisfy specific guidelines-especially with respect to children.

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What policies exist in China? In China, you are striving to protect the youngsters and also children from substantial usage of the Net and also video clip games. They should concentrate more on school, finding out and also everyday life.

The state of China desires children as well as adolescents under the age of 18 not surf the Internet and gamble as a lot. What 2 regulations brings China? What guidelines are there in China? In China, you are working hard to safeguard the young individuals as well as children from enormous intake of the Web and video clip games.


On-line video games must now be programmed in China as though the complete, proper name of a gamer need to be gone into.

Do you think that the contribution lock for under 18 years of age would certainly additionally make feeling in Germany? Do not hesitate to stop in the tool listed below as well as share your point of view in the comments.