Podcast reload: Program 32, Season 13

Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider to Fund NFT Games
embarrass Group and Square Enix have signed an agreement for the Swedes to remain Montreal and Crystal Dynamics, with Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and a lot of more licenses in the package. And all for 300 million dollars, which seems little compared to what these people had been paying for other studies. What does that mean for the future of Lara Croft? Do we get the meme of i Never Asked for This?

We also talk a little about Summer Game Fest , because Geoff Keight has already announced that his presentation will be on November 9, and PlayStation Talents , after four developers left the program.

And attend, that we come with a handful of playing and opinions of all kinds about Nintendo Switch Sports , Loot River , Rogue Legacy 2 , Trek to yomi and DORFROMANK .

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