The Last of Us in Ue5 completely knocks me out: if the remake doesnt look that way, I dont play it

Whether a remake of The Last of Us makes sense or not, has been hotly discussed in the community for months.

I think: Yes, I would definitely play a new edition under two conditions: First of all, I hope that the remake will implement the refined gameplay mechanics by The Last of Us: Part 2. Secondly, I really feel like playing the journey of Joel and Ellie together again in a polished graphic.

And if the remake looks as fantastic as in the lower video, then I am something of it. In it, Youtuber shows us “Enfant Terrible”, as the post-apocalyptic Naughty Dog adventure in the Unreal Engine could run ( via dual stools), and I keep myself briefly: wow!

Here you can watch the video:

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Link to the YouTube content

Ingame Inspired by The Last of Us 2 Unreal Engine 5 Lumen
The fan trailer leads us through several post -apocalyptic environments, which, thanks to realistic lighting effects, are incredibly atmospheric. And pay attention to the details; Honestly: I don’t look that beautiful in front of the window.

Later in the video we also see a close -up of Joels revised character model, and here too we recognize significantly more details than the original. Barthaire, wrinkles, skin pores, the shine in his eyes. Joel looks (almost) like a real person, and even without unpleasant Uncanny-Valley effect, I think.

I almost regret having watched the upper video a little, because it has screwed my expectations too high for a possible remake. It is questionable whether the rumored new edition will be graphically accessed to the material shown. But as is well known, hope dies.

Linda Sprenger

[email protected]_de

Linda Sprenger is huge The Last of US fan and would play a remake. In her opinion, the original still looks fantastic today, but The Last of Us: Part 2 showed her that it is always a bit better. A new edition that graphically fulfills the sequel or even the video above would definitely welcome you.

What makes Unreal Engine 5 so special?

The engine gives developers modern technical tools, two of which stand out:

The dynamic lighting technology “Lumen” , which is calculated in real time, is at the forefront. A very authentic lighting mood can be created with indirect light, reflections and shadows.
Also noteworthy is the “nanite” technology, which takes care of the geometric calculation of polygons, which in turn represent the objects in the game. Due to the high number and precise calculation in real time, it is possible to create a very high level of detail.

You can find a list of already confirmed games that the Unreal Engine 5 benefits can be found here.

rumors for the Last of US remake

Last year, the well -known journalist and insider Jason Schreier reported that Naughty Dog should work on a new edition of The Last of Us. Since then, new speculations and rumors have been all around the remake.

Just a few days ago, Naughty Dog reported on the LinkedIn profile of a former Naughty DOG employee who indicates that he had worked on a remake. It should have been quite a certainty about The Last of Us. However, this is not officially confirmed.

would you want to play a remake of The Last of Us?