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SOULDIERS: Publication postponed

The indie studio Retro Forge, which works with the publisher Dear Villagers (The Forgotten City, Scourgebringer), with regret, announces that its upcoming 16-bit-in-inspired action RPG metro-vania adventures of Soildiers will be delayed.

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Originally planned for May 19 on all platforms, the publication on June 2 was postponed to Switch, Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.

“We are very satisfied with how Soulders develops overall, but we still have to eradicate a few bugs and we want to make sure that you get a flawless premium experience when we publish the game-and ask the consumers to make their hard deserved To spend money on it, ”says Alberto Hernández, Creative Director at Retro Forge.

“We know how much it is annoying to wait longer, but we assure everyone that the waiting will be worth it. We are a small team and in the development of a game in the size of SOULDIERS, especially during a global pandemic, we had to master many unforeseen challenges, so we are really grateful for your patience, while we are sowers to the sophisticated retro experience Polage that you all deserve. “

Soulders combines metroidvania exploration, crisp, soul-like struggles, RPG adjustment and precise platforming in a beautiful pixel type package. The player either slips into the role of a scout, a magician or an archer and fights for freedom in Terragaya, a mystical country on the border between life and death.

Each class has its own unique attacks and different values for mobility, attack, defense and health. Your character can be adapted further by activable finish trees, which offers you a high degree of freedom on your way through SOULDIERS ‘Fantastic Empire.

Selpes cunning enemies, loosens upright puzzles, improves your character and explores every corner of a dazzling, winding 16-bit world.