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Xbox Cloud Gaming can now be tried for free, but only with one game

Fortnite flew out of the Apple Store because of the legal dispute between Apple and Epic. But you can still play the Battle Royale shooter on your iPhone or iPad again and don’t even have to install it: Xbox brings the Free2Play title in your own streaming service and so back to all iOS devices. At the same time, this means that we also get the opportunity for the first time to really try Xbox Cloud Gaming for free.

You can now play Fortnite for free without installation

That’s what it’s about: Actually, Fortnite could also be downloaded to iOS and Android, but then there was a major legal dispute and various court hearings between the Fortnite makers Epic and Apple. With the result that Fortnite was no longer in the Apple Store and was only playable to iphones and iPads to a limited extent. But that changes now.

What is new now? Microsoft and Epic start a partnership that makes Fortnite playable in the stream from the cloud via Xbox Cloud Gaming. This means that you do not need a powerful device or installation at all, but simply the fastest possible and stable internet connection. Then you can play in the browser, on the laptop, on your cell phone and everywhere else – also on iOS.

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Play Fortnite at with Xbox Cloud Gaming for free

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This is how it works: You need a Microsoft user account, but you don’t have to pay anything. Just go to, sign up and then you can add Xbox Cloud Gaming as a web application to the start screen of your iPhones or iPads. The whole thing should also work with the controller without any problems. So you have the opportunity to try the game streaming from the cloud without having to pay for any subscription fees or the like.

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There is even more: Fortnite represents the first Free2Play game that can be used via Xbox Cloud Gaming, but it shouldn’t remain the last. According to Microsoft, this is only the start. Further free titles should follow and also benefit from the infrastructure. Which apparently is already reaching their limits. Reports of overloaded servers are piling up on the net because the rush should be so big.

Do you want to play Fortnite on iOS and try Xbox Cloud Gaming?