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Bonus codes for World of Tanks (WOT) work (May 2022)

The world of tanks is one of the longest running MMOs ever. Wargaming offers Bonuscodes for WOT From time to time, players get free objects such as tanks, credits, XP and more. While many of these objects generally require that they earn them or buy them directly in the game, these bonus codes will unlock a crowd of unique objects by simply entering the code in the game.

Not to be confused with invitation codes, these bonus codes can be used by anyone who has a WOT account. In this guide we explain how to use bonus codes in WOT, and below you will find a complete list of the functioning WOT bonus codes:

How to solve WOT bonus codes

  1. Register with your account on the World of Tanks website
  2. Click your user name in the top right
  3. Select Activate Wargaming Code in the Dropdown menu
  4. When the code solving window is opened, enter the code and then click on Code
  5. Your reward is waiting for you if you register next time

functioning WOT bonus codes

World of tanks bonus codes give really nice bonuses for WOT players. This includes things like free gold, premium vehicles and more. These codes can only be used for existing accounts and can only be used once. Outside of this page you will find WOT bonus codes in general in publications, brochures or during a WOT campaign.

  • Steelcommander
  • Inspired by you

* Honor – only EU
* Rawrtheday – only North America
* F1wftigerday2022 – only EU
* Emsixtycode4reddit

There are a number of different messages that you may receive if the code does not work with you. The system may inform you that the code applies to the wrong region, since some codes are intended for North America and others for Europe. However, if a code has expired, the Wargaming system will inform you that the code does not work regardless of the region in which you are in. The list above shows which codes that we know about working in different regions and do not work.

If you have functioning World of tanks codes, you are welcome to do this on Twitter so that we can add you to the list and help other World of tank players.

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