Wow: nerf for death knights is being rebuilt

Even weeks after the release of WoW Patch 9.2 , the developers still don’t seem to be satisfied with the balancing – neither with that in the raid nor with the classes. Because not only the mausoleum of the first gets new nerfs almost every day , classes are also adapted to a regular rhythm **. However, the developers usually go a different path here and buff the classes and playing styles that appear too weak in their eyes.

However, exceptions confirm the rule and so The recently published plans of the developers all death knight tanks sad . In view of the immense strengths of the DKS in the mythical plus dungeons of Shadowlands, the developers had hardly any other choice-either a nerf for a playing style or relevant buffs for the other four tanks. Blizzard decided on the former. The changes below are expected to be active from May 4, 2022!

nerf is converted

However, the developers have now found that the nerf in the originally planned version would not have achieved what they actually wanted. Because you would have hit the weaker players with that. The generent 2-Set bonus was only a problem if the gigantic potential was also fully exhausted. But only the really good players managed that.

death knight *
~~ The set bonus of ‘ soul steel of the first eggolon ‘ (2-part): ‘Heart Shake’ now increases the duration of ‘dancing rune weapon’ by 0.33 seconds (previously 0.5 seconds). ~~
The set bonus ‘ soul steel of the first egg holone * (2-part) ~~’ ~~: The maximum stacking upper limit for strength is now 40 (previously 75).
* We will modify the planned adaptation of the “Dancing rune weapon” expansion of the two -part bonus and reduce the maximum stack of the starch bonus from 75 to 40. Our original goal was to contain the strength of the entire set bonus because it exceeded our expected value for a step bonus when it was played well. However, this nerf also hit the lower end of the level harder than intended, while at the same time ensuring that blood feels worse when it comes to optimal equipment and mechanical play to maximize the potential of the bonus. Instead, we will pass to reduce the maximum strength of the starch, so that the playing style of the set bonus remains relatively unchanged, but the damage capabilities (and to a lesser extent also part of the defensive power) are attributed to a more appropriate value.

So at Blizzard, the bonus was revised so that this absurd potential is slowed down and at the same time nothing changes in the blood death knight in a playful way

Lawless villains are happy about Buff

What suffer is the suffering of the other. While blood death knights had to take a hard nerf, the lawless villains are given a noticeable buff. Instead of staying with the balancing of individual skills, Blizzard simply gives the lawlessly four percent more DPS to everything.

WoW - Nerf Blood Death Knight - Buff Holy Priest Damage

villain *
lawlessness *
* All damage capabilities increased by 4%.

This is impressive and should flush the Outlaw massively upwards in the popularity table. This is also needed bitterly, because the other special special species dominate both in the current slaughterhouse and in the mythical plus dungeons of Shadowland-partly at a massive distance.

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