New World Actualization 1.4.4 Next, published Parche notes

New world Update 1.4.4 is configured to function in a few hours. This week’s update is not very large, but adds some improvements that should cheer up fans. In particular, the developer Amazon Games will open a lot of names that were not previously available, since they were now deactivated. Beyond that, players can also expect a lot of errors corrections, which hopefully make the experience more pleasant. Complete notes of the game patch. Official website can be found below:

General updates and corrections

  • Unlocked names that were previously marked as ‘in use’ by eliminated characters. Players can now use these names!

  • A problem was solved that could cause global events and timers negatively affecting server performance.

  • A problem was solved that could permanently deactivate evasion after being exhausted.

  • A problem was solved that could cause an elaboration session to fail during periods of high latency.

  • The replica weapons of the heart of the storm are now manufactured within the planned range of 597 to 600 gs (when manufactured with maximum level ingredients and all the advantages are used). The replica weapons of the heart of the storm were previously made with a team score too high.

  • A problem was solved that caused the advantages of Alacrity, Empowered and Fortified Amulet disable the advantages of Freedom, Vigor and Revigorated Armor if they were equipped in a specific order.

  • A problem was solved that allowed to apply shield advantages even when a sword was not equipped.

New World Update 1.4.4 Patch Notes & My Thoughts
* A problem was solved that caused Mortar Charge to get stuck in a state where all shots became mortar shots.

  • A rare problem was solved that caused Hatchet Berserk and Ice Gauntlet Ice Pylon skills not to leave the reuse time.

  • A problem was solved that caused the Marks of Fortune dialogue when trying to buy server transfer tokens under certain conditions.

Nuevo mundo was released last September, quickly finding a audience of passionate fans. The MMO has made many changes in recent months, and it seems that fans in general are happy with the current direction of the game. Players can judge the last update by themselves when published at 11 p. m. PT on May 3! Until then, readers can consult all our previous coverage of the game here.

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