Xbox Perfect Darks restart obtains a new update after the sale of Crystal Dynamics

This morning, Unmad Group announced the purchase of several studies owned by Square Enix, including Crystal Dynamics. The purchase of $ 300 million has naturally led to questions from Xbox fans about the next iteration in the perfect_ series. The development of that game was initiated by The Initiative, but Crystal Dynamics has been working along with the study at least since last September. Fans can breathe relieved, since it seems that the sale of Crystal Dynamics will not have any impact on the perfect – restartness. The Initiative confirmed today on Twitter that the joint development between the two teams will continue as planned.

«We are excited to see that Crystal Dynamics takes the next steps with his study. Our teams have made great progress in the construction _ perfect – together as co -development partners, and we will continue this work with them in their next chapter, ”the study writes.

Is Perfect Dark in Trouble? The Industry Reacts

The news of the continuous participation of Crystal Dynamics in the new perfect _Scurity is not too surprising, since embarrassing Group tends not to intervene with his subsidiaries. The CEO of embarrassing, Lars Wingefors, encouraged the company’s operational groups to remain separate, allowing them to continue with a kind of “business as always” approach, which is what we saw when the group bought Dark Horse Media in March. Given that, it makes sense that Crystal Dynamics still has the opportunity to work in perfect _trity next to the initiative.

Although The Initiative is a relatively new study, the team is made up of several industry veterans, many of which have previous connections with Crystal Dynamics; The founder of the initiative is Darrell Gallagher, who was previously director of Crystal Dynamics. When it was announced that the two companies would work together in perfect – the association made a lot of sense and seemed a good sign for the new game. It remains to be seen how Xbox’s exclusive will be, but it is expected that the two teams can create something special for veteran fans and for newcomers.

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