Netmarble invested KRW 9.4 billion in animation studio Million Bolt

[Bolt Moon Young -soo] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young -sik, Do Ki -wook) announced on the 3rd that it has invested about KRW 9.4 billion in the animation studio ‘Million Bolt’.

With this investment, Netmarble has given priority to the game development and service authority for the new animation ‘Hero Books’ IP, which is being prepared in Million Bolt, and the game of game game of all projects produced by Million Bolt.

Million Bolt is an animation studio founded in December 2018 by Meng Ju -gong and the crew, who produced the world -popular non -verbal comedy animation ‘Lava’ series. Based on the production capabilities that created a global hit, we are preparing a number of animation works including Hero Books.


Hero Books is produced as a global public goal this year as an action hero comedy genre animation of the concept that pops up in reality when the name of the comic book (hero) is called.

Netmarble said, “In January, as NTP announced its willingness to be a strong IP company, this investment is intended to strengthen global competitiveness by securing Million Bolt’s excellent IP.” I will be able to showcase the game. ”