Steam spoke about the most popular games in March

The company of St. Gaben Valve has published a list of the most successful games in Steam in the first month of spring.
The products are located in random order, without distributing them in places.
The main criterion is the greatest profit in two weeks since the release.
19 games were included in the list:
* Shadow Warrior 3;
* Death Stranding Director’s Cut;

  • Distant Worlds 2;
  • Hero’s Hour;
  • Animal Shelter;
  • Core Keeper;
  • Airborne Kingdom;
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax;
  • Soulworker;

Steam Community Items! | Core Keeper
* Tunic;
* Anno: Mutationem;
* Ghostwire: Tokyo;
* WWE 2K22;
* Coromon;
* Weird West;
* Midnight Ghost Hunt;
* Have a nice death;
* The Planet Crafter.