To commemorate the completion of “Kim Cam”, go to “Red Dead Online” by jailbreak King Shiraishi! Aim for a western drama full of chaos, snowy mountains

Manga “Golden Kamui” (hereinafter “Kin Cam”), which was completed on April 28, “Weekly Young Jump” 22.23, which has been completed in the special issue of the merger. Set in Hokkaido at the end of the Meiji era, it is a “Japanese -style dark pot Western” active play around hidden gold nuggets. 。 Such “gold cam” and the western drama open world act “Red Dead Online” (hereinafter referred to as “RDO”) have unexpected things in common.

Yeah… Both works are the same “early 1900s”, and specifically 1907 is the stage **. “RDO” is a “Western drama” that adventures online in the chaotic western city in the United States. Like the “Red Dead Redemption 2” depicting the United States from 1899 to 1907 in the main scenario, you can enjoy the lively worldview.

Although the region has changed, these two works are connected in the same era setting. If so, if it is “RDO”, wouldn’t it be possible to enjoy the atmosphere of “gold cam” that is completed? So So, in this article, we will deliver a play report that will adventure in the world of “RDO” while playing “Kim Cam”! ** Speaking of the basics of “pretend play” in the game… Of course, “character makeup”. Let’s start with the character creation while imagining the character of “Kim Cam”!

“Gold Cam” This guy came from the world!

As long as you play playing, it’s only natural to make the motif of the characters of “Kim Cam”. But the problem is a candidate for a motif. All of the characters in “Kim Cam” are also a little unique. ** Most characters seem to be able to respond without any problems even if they are thrown into the harsh in the western United States full of violence, but after worrying about making it a very strong character, I was in my head. I thought of a “one man”.

It’s white st1.

So, if you go out with , the game starts with an avatar with a passionate octopus shaven “Yutake Shiraishi” . In order to insist as Shiraishi, the face is dark , but please forgive by saying that it was rubbed by the rough waves of western game **.

Preparation in front of “Going Snow Mountain!”

“RDO” started in this way. This work was officially released as an online game in May 2019, but since it is the first play for the author, this time is to visit the snowy mountains . Despite the fact that it started with plenty, there is no snow in the city just started. After all “Kin cam” is so snowy. That’s why I would like to aim for a snowy mountain in the western grizzly in Ambulating, along with my horse named “Kilo -chan” **.

However, cold protection is indispensable in snowy mountains. In the world of “RDO”, “cold” is also set, and it is clear that the adventure hinders the adventure in normal appearance. I can’t help it, so I start with collecting funds. Thankfully, RDO has many ways to make money. For example, a mission that occurs in a specific place. It is a simple thing that you can get rewards if you clear it.

Sometimes a stranger in the field calls out and asks for a job. I once rescued a kidnapped woman, once asked by a man on the roadside.

In addition, gang hideouts are scattered in the field. If you destroy the gang, you can take money and ammunition from the defeated enemy, so if you can afford it, you should try it. Above all, what you can’t overlook for “Gold Cam” fans is the weapon installed in the base. You can shoot that “maxim machine gun”!

Matagi’s hunting life feels good

Hunting wildlife in the field will make money. Rather, This is likely to be the area of “Japan’s best sexy matagi” , but let’s thank the wildlife’s life and make it a source of funds.

You can remove skin and meat from hunting animals. You can sell everything, but if you cook, it will be an item that restores your physical strength. It’s a good idea to leave it for yourself. However, even if the work is different, Gibier is Hinna…!

……, while I was holding it in a carefree. A large animal appeared in the middle of the road.

It’s a bear!

Forgetting to take a session in an unexpected big pinch, taking out the shotgun and shooting . I took multiple shots carefully and were able to defeat them safely. The skin will be peeled firmly. A bear that is a little far away, but a bear that is close to the distance is only a fear. Dr. Aihata, I really did it…

In “RDO”, when the rank of the player goes up a certain number, you will get a map of the treasure buried.

The specified place may have gold. As expected, it is not 20,000 units, but please be grateful.

Change clothes and go to snowy mountains

If you were hunting wildlife and gangs , you’ve been able to afford a little money, so I’m going to buy a winter clothes.

You can buy clothes from the catalog you carry, but you can also look at the “tailor shop” in the city. This time, I purchased it at a tailor with an emphasis on atmosphere. While taking into account the warmth, I tried to show Shiraishi as much as possible with a dark pants and a purple jacket.

I’m ready, so I’m finally leaving for the snowy mountains. Between adventures, sometimes stroke horses and take skinships. If intimacy increases, the operation variations during riding will increase further. Above all, I want to get along with the horses that will adventure together.

However, as for horses, as the player’s rank goes up, you can purchase a higher type of ability. In this work, there are quite a lot of scenes where you can ride a horse, so if you collect funds, you may want to reach out.

There was a large city on the way. However, the player online also Sapporo at midnight was also held , so we will run through with all our might.

So do tens of minutes to struggle.

Finally arrived in the snowy mountains!

The white silver world! This beauty is a wonderful word.

Find a good place and shoot a session. The cold protection is sweet and the life is decreasing , but it was still good to come…!

Moreover, during this snowy mountains, the intimacy with Kilo -chan is the maximum! It’s a coincidence, but I’m very happy to be happy together!

Enjoy the very satisfying nature even for “Kim Cam” fans!

The souvenirs in the snowy mountains are deer skin. I couldn’t find any special beasts, but when I got off the mountains, let’s cash.

In this work, there are various pleasures, such as racing using horses, collecting items that search for valuable wildflowers and bird eggs, and earning prize money to pursue nominated criminals.

But the most wonderful thing is the location. The vast nature that is as good as Hokkaido will be exciting just by running around. The beautiful scenery and animals you find will be a healing in this killing world. Now I look at the cherry blossoms and think “Yada, cute”.

If you play “gold cam” in “RDO”, you can wear military uniform costumes and sniper guns in a tail -style style, wear a dark dress, aim for Ichinaga Kano… Personally, I think that Lieutenant Tsurumi can use a hat. In any case, if you like “gold cam”, please enjoy this “ROD” dark pot Western!

Finally, play poker to get rich. Inkara Ma -chan! Get me a lot!