saless betting increasingly popular

saless betting are a popular pastime in Germany. Especially in Corona times, all the hobbies that could also be done online have become even more popular. So also the bet.

Until then, many fans and friends of this hobby usually went to the betting office around the corner. The online offers have been able to record more and more users in recent years.

The selection of providers is large and, in contrast to the local betting agency, there can be some pitfalls that you should know before falling into this adventure. For this reason, we have put together the most important data on the topic here, so that you can easily and easily pursue your hobby.

bonus offers – more appearance than being?

Almost every bookmaker on the net offers a so -called bonus. These bonuses usually offer new users additional credit or free bets that can be used to try out the offer of the bookies. Not all offers are the same and in almost all cases there are the so -called bonus conditions.

Bonus conditions, as the name suggests, are conditions that have to be met before you can have any profits that have been achieved with this credit.

sales conditions

Terms and conditions indicate how often the bonus amount must be used before payment is possible. There are differences whether, for example, “only” the bonus amount or even the bonus plus has to implement the deposit sum. The normal value for bonus sales is between 30 and 60 times.

The same also applies to profits from free bets, here too there are often sales conditions.

minimum quota

The minimum quota is also an important factor. Do your bonus often enough to do the minimum quota on the outside, then these sales will not be rated. So make sure that you always meet the minimum quota with such bets so that the bonus can be implemented correctly. So if you want to use a bonus for the World Cup qualification Europe, you must also adhere to the specified minimum quota.

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duration and period

Additional to the above conditions often adds that they have a given period for sales. If you have not implemented the bonus within this period, the bonus credit usually falls completely.

deposits and withdrawals as well as fees

Another important topic is the fees for deposits and withdrawals. Not all payment methods can be used free of charge – some providers calculate. Paysafecard and e-wallets are often free of charge, whereas bank transfers are often proven with fees.

Legal play

Gambling in Germany has been regulated since 2021. This also regulates gambling on the Internet nationwide and is therefore also completely legal. The licenses are currently being awarded by the competent authority in Darmstadt and thus guarantee German standards.

FAZIT – Eye and inform you exactly

If you want to play safely without having to leave the house, you can do this conveniently and easily on the Internet. Providers now have sophisticated apps and good web offers where you can bet. However, you should always pay close attention to the subtleties and details that are attached to supposed free offers.

Bonus conditions, fees and other pitfalls can easily be avoided. If you have any questions, you should always contact the associated customer service directly to clarify any questions and to prevent disappointments when playing.