Xbox monster: Is that the ugliest controller in the world?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At least that’s how you say. Because when looking at the so -called “Furbtroller”, the general opinion should be quite unanimous. Or what do you say about this controller monstrosity?

Kult toys becomes a horror controller

It has been a popular trend to adapt your own gaming hardware for years. In the computer segment, this is even quite normal, but also in the console area is hardworking, designing and embellished .

True works of art come out again and again, for example with this unique PlayStation 5 in the-load-of-us design:

However, the following Xbox One controller is a special case. The Twitter user Chad Etzel literally skinned a Furby, a cult toy of the 90s , and used the fur as a cover for its controller.

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The result is an extremely bizarre Xbox Controller , which is not only fluffy, but also has eyes and the Furby-typical beak.

You will probably imagine a furby that fell into a container with chemical waste. Only with the difference that this controller is even fully functional , as its proud owner demonstrates in a small video.

Incidentally, the idea for this disturbing controller goes back to another Twitter user who let go of the design in June 2021 on the Twitter world. At this point, the Furbtroller was only a concept drawing.

fluffy controller are trendy in 2022

The two special controllers, which Microsoft has announced for the theatrical release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 , are less disturbing, but also fluffy.

At the end of March 2022, American fans were able to win a blue and a red fur controller . In addition, there was a unique Xbox Series X. also in Sonic design.