Netmarble Cultural Foundation, 2022 Netmarble Game Concert held in Gether Town 30th

[Kids News 24) The Netmarble Cultural Foundation (Lee Hyeok-hyeok) announced on the 26th that the ‘2022 Netmarble Game Concert’ was held on the 30th of the 30th at 3:00 pm Meta Bus Platform ‘Gether Town’.

The game concert is a social contribution program of Open Forum formatting, sharing the game industry trends and future visions and sharing the expert and future vision of various fields since 2019 to spread healthy game cultural foundations and spread healthy gamble cultural foundations. From last year, it is being held in online form to prevent the 19th proliferation of Corona.

Since this year, the company is conducting through the metaverse platform ‘Gether Town’ in accordance with the unbeated times, and everyone is interested in the game and the game industry.

The concert is ‘game & (game and)’ to provide all industries and areas and games, links to all industries and areas and games, and provide the latest information and the latest information, and in the field of existing associations, It is a plan to seek and share ideas. This year’s 12th rounds of 12th will be started.

In this game concert, Professor Kim Sang-Wook Kyunghee University Department of Physics and Professor, and a historian participating in the school, each of the “Game Physics I”, a historical event that learns as a game. “

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On the other hand, the Gidder Town connection method can be found in the Netmarble Cultural Foundation homepage, a netmarble game concert official cacaoatalk channel.