Destiny 2: How to execute the quest “Distilized Cube Memory”

Quest “distillation of memory” in Destiny 2 is probably one of the most confusing and time-consuming quests that the game can offer. Before you can start this quest, you need to unlock Deepsight Tier 2. To do this, you need to reach the 10th level with FYNCH in Throne World Savathun. In order to do this level 10 You will have to continue to perform tasks and awards in the Throne World of Savatun.

As soon as you unlock Deep vision Level 2 , look for different DeepSight nodes. To check if you activated the right DeepSight node, find the despicable corpse of the leader close to the place where you activated the node. There are three nodes that hold daily rotation . They are as follows:

  • Fluorescent channel On the way to Queens-Bailey.
    Kuagmayr on the way to a mounted veil.
  • Miazma On the way to the Witch Ehu.

WHAT IS QUALICHOR? How to Farm it - Memory Alembic Quest, Executioner's Hoard Triumph / Destiny 2

After you interact with the corpse of a despicable leader, you will see the green track as you saw during the hunting of angry birthday. Buff called “ following ” must be activated immediately after scanning the corpse. Continue to go through this trail until it is stumbled upon the debris. Secure again with this debris, and you will see a new track. Continue to go on this track again, until you push the Lucent Hive. From this Lucent Hive will fall out the chest as soon as you defeat it. This chest contains Kvalikor . Collect it and come back to Finch. Now you can take the quest “Distilizing Cube of Memories” from your friendly ghost hive.

After you took this quest, you will be charged with kill Eight Polagers Lucent Brood . To do this, you will need to return to one of the three places mentioned above, interacting again with the DeepSight node, and then follow the trail, as you did before, until you encounter Lucent Brood Executioner. Win the executioner, and then take the Kvalikor.

However, you can kill only one execution a day, so you will have to return daily for eight days if you want to successfully complete this quest. After you successfully collected 8 Kvalikor Return to Finch and exchange them on Exquisite Kvalikor . This can be used to unlock Lucent Brood Hoard.

How to Get Lucent Brood Hoard in Destiny 2

To get to Lucent Brood Hoard, you first need to win Inquisitors Lucent Brood . As soon as you defeat them, you will be entrusted to win Lucent Brood Commander . You need to do it three times to get to Lucent Brood Hoard. Inquisitors Lucent Brood and Lucent Brood commanders shine Strange white light . In addition, they do not have a certain place of appearance. So how to find out when the Inquisitor is near, and when it is not?

The answer is simple. Whenever Lucent Brood Inquisitor is located nearby, you will see a message in which: “Enlightened Inquisitors brood in your sector” . As soon as you see this message, read the sector from these enemies, and then defeat them as described above until you reach Lucent Brood Hoard. Unlock the treasure using the refined Qualicor, which you received from Fynch, and the quest must be completed.

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