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Wow: DragonFlight – honest, how do you find the announcement? Opinion poll!

So, the dragons are from the sack: Wow: DragonFlight is the next extension for the online role-playing game of Blizzard Entertainment. The announcement is not even a week old, yet we want to learn from you before what your first impression fails from the new adventures. That’s why we have created this survey where you hopefully involve numerous!

My Hopes for WoW: Dragonflight & Live Announcement Reaction

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WOW: DragonFlight or WoW: Back to the Roots?

In Wow: DragonFlight lives your heroes on the fabulous dragon islands on stage 70, because the dragons have asked you for help to recall their ancestral home. If you do not feel like starting immediately into the four new zones, instead, you can also view the new class popular combination: the caller of the Dracthyr, who at the forbidden coast of the Dragon Islands have their own level area.

Rufer can only play Dracthyr and Dracthyr can only become callers, but decide if they want Horde or Alliance. A bit you are like the Druids who could only be played in Gray Time by Tauren on the Horde and only from night elves on the Alliance – with the difference, of course, that tauress and night elves could choose other classes. Rufer the Dracthyr have the choice of a healing skill and a ranged-DPS spec.

Apart from the brand new content offers Wow (Buy Now): DragonFlight still the return to the talent trees – with a twist. For this purpose, the occupational system should be missed all sorts of innovations and with the dragon flying there is on the dragon islands one in WOW previously not existing movement opportunity! You will learn more in our collecting article to WoW: DragonFlight .

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