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Marvels Avengers will add to Jane Foster as a playable character

In its latest development update, Crystal Dynamics has announced the next novelties that will arrive at Marvel’s Avengers . In this publication, in fact, include the inclusion of Jane Foster , The Mighty Thor, as a playable character within the cast of the game, although at the moment they have not given details about their release date, beyond that it will form Part of the content of the 2.5 update.

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They have not specified too much about what the new character at the level of mechanics will bring, although what they have said is that their set of skills “will have much in common with those of Odinson [Thor]” being a carrier of the Mjolnir, although “Also It will have elements that are clearly Jane ». In any case, they make it clear that the designs of the heroes “are based mainly on their main identities in comics.”

It does not seem chance that the news has come little more than a day after Marvel Studios showed the Teaser of Thor: Love and Thunder, in which Jane Foster embedded as Natalie Portman. While, we said, we do not know when she will reach the game, it would not be surprising that she will match her on a date close to the premiere of the film to feedback the promotions, with a premiere programmed by July 2022.

The last character added to the campus of Marvel’s Avengers arrived almost five months ago with Spider-Man, so I’m sure the Mighty Thor appears to refresh the game a little. The raid of spiderman, in addition, arrived in a controversial way, considering that it was added only for PLAYSTATION users.

Marvel’s Avengers is available at Xbox One , Xbox Series X and S , PlayStation 4 , PLAYSTATION 5 , PC and Google Stadia