This is celebrated the fourth anniversary of Jujutsu Kaisen

In the blink of an eye, _ jujutsu kaisen _ is already celebrating its fourth anniversary. This is, it was in 2018 when Gege Akutami took to the task of creating one of the most popular sleeves of recent years. In this way, Shueisha, the company in charge of the magazine where its public this work week after week, has decided to celebrate with a new video.

Recently, Shueisha shared a special video of jujutsu kaisen, which is mainly focused on recapitulating the most recent manga arch events , but it is also used to celebrate the fourth anniversary of this story.

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Although 2022 marks the fourth anniversary of jujutsu kaisen, this was not the beginning of this story. In 2017, Akutami published a four-part sleeve under the name of _Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School _ or, as is known today, jujutsu kaisen 0. is only that this time we are celebrating the adventure of Yuji itadori.

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Editor’s note:

Time flies. With almost 200 chapters, this has been a fantastic sleeve to read during the last years. While the author’s health has complicated this trip a little, it seems that once again we are going on track. With a successful adaptation to the anime, it is clear that many years have still many years of popularity to this work.