Chaos Free Production Action “Action Sandbox” to release on April 21st. Remained with deformation mechanisms and explosion flames

Indie Studio VONA SOFT announced on April 18, “Action Sandbox” will be released on April 21st. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam).

“Action Sandbox” is a Physical Operation Sandbox game. Development source VONA SOFT is a Korean indie studio. This work seems to be the first work of the studio. Players combine various parts to create a “digital toy”, build a stage or goal to create your own gameplay. It is a work that can enjoy creation and destruction in free person. Characters and objects are fulfilling various actions, and from basic operations such as walking / shooting, flying, grasp, riding, maneuvering and dancing. And by the combination of free parts, it incorporates a mechanism that can implement deformed robot and variant monsters.

Furthermore, in addition to rules such as “surviving” and “destroying specific objects”, it is a system that can be realized with escape, rescue and AI, as well as rules such as “survival” and “destroying specific objects”. In addition, if such stage design functions are used, a flashy man like a one scene of an action movie is also created. In the trailer, the stages seen as zombie survival games and the way the car is a fairly freedom design, such as a large collapse in the building. Also, the “toy” and the stage that you create are likely to be shared by STeam Workshop and users.

In addition, as a similar work of this work and concept, there are sandboxes “People Playground”, which are popular with Steam, etc. exist. “Action Sandbox” has a specific gravity in the game rule design by the user, and that point is likely to be characterized.

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“Action Sandbox” will be released on April 21st for PC (STeam). However, although the price for Japanese yen has not been revealed, it is scheduled to be sold at $ 9.99 tax-included (about 1273 yen).