This lifelike Ciri Cosplay is looking forward to the the Witcher

For Witcher fans, 2022 hitherto sets a very strong start: only recently, the Polish Developer Studio announced a brand new game in the Witcher Universe, which we asked ourselves the important question, which the title must make better than its predecessor – Already ten answers have already come to us.

But much more important than the announcement of a new video game is of course the information that soon a The Witcher cookbook will finally appear: bulging filled with 80 recipes from the world of witcher . Of course, we can not judge whether they taste, but fans already run together the water in the mouth.

Cosplayerin Neyrodesu serves another appearance than Ciri

Ciri and Kelpie - The Witcher 3 | Cosplay Fan Film

The well-known Cosplayer Neyrodesu also celebrates this announcement with one of its special dishes: an outstanding cosplay of the white-haired Ciri. Once again, that has become extremely authentic: both the bright top and the red leather and the eye-catching belt jewelery could come directly from the game.

Just like many Witcher fans, Neyrodesus Ciri is already looking forward to the Witcher cookbook : How else could the thoughtful look and the raised hand explained, with which she certainly stands in front of a spice rack not visible in the photo?

Certainly she just thinks about how she prepares her next traditional recipe of the witchers. Whether you use your sword, however, for dividing a full-eyed wild boar or for cutting Coriander, we can only speculate about it.

Hungry on other cosplay recipes?

Of course, Findig Cosplay fans know that this is not the first opportunity to show the Neyrodesu their great costume of almost witcher Ciri. Already in the past, she shared great shots of her Ciri Cosplay , partly cheerful, partly thoughtful and sometimes suspicious \ – but all alike worth a look.

Have you seen yourself at Ciri Satt, of course we have more gears with tasty cosplays: How about this effective appearance of Doctor Strange, who not only makes Marvel fans appetite on the new superhero film. Or her shipyard a closer look at this great cosplay of Aloy, if Horizon Forbidden West has not left.

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