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Play Anno 1800 for a week for its seUbisoft Connecton 4: confirmed dates

Anno 1800 , the held and successful strategy video game of Blue Byte and Ubisoft , celebrates the arrival of its fourth seUbisoft Connecton offering a free game week at PC , the only one Platform in which the latest delivery of such an iconic saga is available. So much so, that those who do not have the title will be able to try all their content between days 12 and 19 April 2022 , or what is the same, the promotion is already available. In addition, its managers offer free test through two platforms: Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect .

Play for free Anno 1800 for a week

“Welcome to the 19th century. A century of industrialization, diplomatic disputes and discoveries. Choose the path that the world will define. Are you an innovator or an operator? A conqueror or a liberator? How do you want the world to remember you, “indicate their managers to encourage players to try the title. So, those who want to play Anno 1800 until April 19 You just have to access the game promotion page and do click on the desired platform .

Thanks to this, any new test user can access all the bUbisoft Connecte content of Anno 1800 next to the news of a seUbisoft Connecton 4 that just starts now, including several DLCs that further expand a story centered on Industrial Revolution from the end of the 19th century.

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Do not miss our analysis of Anno 1800 , in which we highlight the possibilities offered by “the commercial treatment between factions, the discovery of the new world and the social revolts at a time in which humanity lives a new period of splendor “with a” quality climbing that hUbisoft Connect us used to and offers us a fantUbisoft Connecttic starting point for new players to know the formula of such a famous franchise “.