Brother of Chris Rock wants to fight against Will Smith

After what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock during the most recent ceremony of the Óscar Awards, E L Actor has suffered all kinds of consequences. He not only renounced the Academy , but this was also banned entry into future premiations for the next 10 years. Now, Rock’s brother wants to face against Smith in a Box fight.

Chris Rock's Brother Wants To Fight Will Smith
Kenny Rock recently signed a contract with Damon Feldman, Principal Promoter of a program known as Celebrity Boxing , where celebrities face each other in fights of Box. It is precisely in this program where Kenny wants to face Smith , evidently due to the slap that he released Him’s brother.

Smith still is not pronounced about it, but if you accept, Kenny and the actor would be facing face to face on June 11 at Charles F. Dodge City Center in Pembroke Pins in Florida, United States. Of course, if you do not accept, then Kenny you must find someone else with whom to unleash your anger.

Editor’s note: Considering all the situation in which the actor is involved, it sounds like something complicated that Smith wants to accept the challenge. Surely he no longer wants to know more about it, and preferable for now will be to try to pass the most unnoticed he can until the situation is applaque.