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LOL: The Sion of Thebausffs Causes Drops in Korea and this play summarizes it perfectly

Be overwhelmed by the opponents is something that every player of League of Legends faced. Either because we move too much in the absolute loneliness (and without obviously guardian) or because we received an unpleasant ambush of the opposite jungle accompanied by one of his companions, it is rare to leave unharmed, but sometimes the situation can change around us.

It is the case of the Streamer Thebauffs, that currently plays in the Korean server, managed to endure a 1v4 **… and get a triple murder almost out of nowhere. This is how the European Content Creator is caught up to Korean players who do not stop receiving axes from a NOXUS giant who just wants to live peacefully.

An impeccable move with Sion

TheBausffs RUINED This Korean Zoe's Game With FULL LETHALITY SION!!

In a clip published in Reddit that you can see above, TheBaus shared an exceptional play with the favorite champion of him, Zion, achieving a duel of one against four. Although he finally died, he took some enemies to the grave with him.

One would have thought that the Colossus would die quickly, especially looking at the meter of deaths. But the truth was that Thebausffs team was ahead in OROS, in objectives, and that he had surgehed excessively (12 minions per minute).

Our Sion is first eaten to Kha’zix and Akali. Between them, they only manage to scratch half of the champion’s life, to finally join Braum and Ahri. The skirmish would probably have finished before if the Ahri in question would have been successful in the skillshots of her. But after failing, his team paid a high price, and finally it was Braum who killed our beloved content creator. And only half a minute later, the OTP Sion and the colleagues of him won the game .

The deaths are not everything in the loyalty crack; Jumping into the battle can cost you the game quickly, and these players have learned it in the most difficult way.