Diablo 3: Barbarian my rowing

The barbarian set “The Erbe Raekors” was reworked with the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Patch 2.7.3 for the 26th season again to put the focus on waffenwurf and Speer the award. A similar style of play is maintained as before, but this time _felswurf is the manufacturing rune of choice so that this set can play its full potential. The Raekor set is available in season 26 “free” in Haedrig’s gift.

This is a surface damage build, as clay throw and all the bonuses of the Raekor set can trigger them. The very active gameplay itself is easy to learn, but requires some exercise to get the most out. In addition, Raekor is one of the few sets in the game without loss reduction, that is, it is generally relatively little.


  1. 1 advantages and disadvantages of the RAEKOR barbarian
  2. 2The echargeable nightmare build
    1. 2.1 Equipment
    2. 2.2Complants
    3. 2.3stat priorities and paragon points
  3. 3Gameplay
  4. 4 Tips & Tricks for the Halling nightmare

Advantages and disadvantages of the RAEKOR barbarian

  • Very mobile
  • Fast game style
  • Easy to equip

  • Gameplay needing gambling

  • Low toughness
  • depending on “band of power”

The Halling nightmare build

Diablo 3: Barbar with RAEKOR set for echolding nightmares (Season 26) Source: Blizzard / Maxroll.gg The Halling nightmare In the 26th season is a new rewarding endgame activity, where you have a lot of experience and booty can earn. For access, you must first have a erstarten Scream from the guards of large nephalant portals and transmute them into canais cubes to open a portal in the echoing nightmare. Once you are inside, you will be confronted with an endless wave of opponents until you either are overwhelmed or dying. Your goal is to achieve monster shaft 125 for the highest possible _flowers of the fine, a legendary gemstone to improve your equipment. You will find our detailed guide for the echoing nightmare here .


The Raekor barbar is well suited for the farming nightmares. The following equipment is needed:

  • “The Erbe Raekor’s” Barbarian set with the exception of the pants
  • “Captain Karmesins Plaster” crafts set (belt and pants)
  • “Skulars salvation” Bracers
  • Crumb necklace
  • “Band of power” ring
  • “The three hundredth spear” Weapon main hand
  • “The law of the ariet” Weapon sidehand

Diablo 3 Complete Barbarian Set Dungeon Guide (Immortal Kings, Raekor, Wastes, Might of the Earth)


  • Smartage in the sockets of weapons, diamonds in the sockets of armor parts
  • “Spoiling the mighty”, “spoiling the prisoners” and “Zeis stone of the revenge” in the pedestals of the amulets and the rings

Items in Kanais dice

  • “Messerschmid’s robber” Weapon Slot
  • “Rough Railaway” armor slot
  • “Ring of the Royal Prunk” Jewelry Slot


Active skills

  • Angry rush (no rune because of the 4er bonus of the Raekor set)
  • Spear of the ancestor (rune: felswurf)
  • Fighting rush (Rune: Blutverguieße)
  • War cry (Rune: Veteranwarning)
  • Call of the aim (Rune: alle for one)
  • Anger of the Berserker (Rune: Wahnensin)

Passive skills

  • Animosity
  • Habe of Bul-Kathos
  • No escape
  • TO

STAT priorities and paragon points

Damage statistics should be stacked wherever possible, in particular Kritical hit chance and damage, Afallschaden as well as Physical damage and _ “spear of the ancestors” damage_. However, the ABLING time reduction has priority, as it needs it for almost every equipment to maintain born of the berserkers and __ call of the awards_ as long as possible, which is indispensable for both the damage disposal and reduction as well as for immunity to mass control.

For toughness, _alle resistors are prioritized, since the barbar is a starch class, which is stacked by default the armor value. A decent lifestyle pool is especially recommended for pushes in large nephalemportals.


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Hold Mugrausch and Riegenschrei for the critical hit chance and the additional damage as well as the defense always active. Uses wütender Rush to group monsters and build stacks for the 6-series bonus of the RAEKOR set and maintain the very important damage reduction bonus of band of power. In the video above Youtuber Rhykker you can watch the Raekor gameplay.

Tips & Tricks for the Halling nightmare

  • Use the pylon of the haste around shaft 100-110. In this way, you can dodge monsters easier, but above all the green meters , doing the enormous damage.
  • If your verwicklicht status is more than 40%, clicking on the pylon of power and the pylon of the channel, which help you to clear the screen faster and not overwhelmed.
  • If your verwicklicht status is more than 60%, the _Pylon of the connection is activated to “melt the opponents for a full minute.
  • After all the pylons have expired, run away from the monsters and deviates from it to get 3 to 5 additional steps.

Sources: This guide is based on the official Diablo 3 Version 2.7.3 Patchotes as well as tips from the website maxroll.gg.

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