Animal crossing: new horizons

Watched, Nintendo: Sweet Animal Crossing Clone steals player

With Puffpals: Iceland Skies could create the IndiesTudio Fluffnest a real alternative to Animal Crossing. The cute game is currently celebrated and financed on Kickstarter. You too can give the game with your donation still some new features.

A new game to relax

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has his flowering time just behind – and the next game is for maximum relaxation and cuteness in development – but not by Nintendo.

Puffpals: Iceland skies, so the title of sweet indigence, which is currently under development, should beat in a similar notch like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. You should be able to grow flowers, trees, vegetables and the like. At the same time, there is also a pretty world to discover, animal residents with whom you can make friends and their own home to decorate.

_Ein first trailer for the sniffy game you can see here: _

Puffpals: Island skies already has thousands of fans safely

Puffpals: Iceland skies is currently conquering Kickstarter in the storm. Only on April 7th the campaign went live. The goal: just under 69,000 euros. To the great surprise of the Indie developer Fluffnest, this but was already reached within five hours . As of April 11th, the project on Kickstarter has already reached over 395,000 euros. (Source: Twitter / Fluffnest)

Which features can you still unlock?

It has already been unlocked the opportunity and a recycle center. From an achieved sum of just under 414,000 euros, a small arcade is added to the game in which your games play in the game . From almost 460,000 euros, Iceland skies gets a switch port and from just under 920,000 euros there will be a multiplayer.

The campaign is still running until 5 May 2022. Until then you still have time to support Iceland skies with at least $ 20 to get a copy of the game yourself as soon as the game appears.

But that should take a little bit. ** The ten-headed team Plant 2023 to release an alpha. In 2024 then Early Access should follow for the PC. And the year thereafter, so 2025, it should then only be for the PC, later for mobile devices and when the campaign also brings enough money for the switch. But there is nothing in stone but there is nothing, the game could come out sooner or later.