Jeff Ross, director de Days Gone, se une a Crystal Dynamics

Jeff Ross , one of the directors of Days Gone at Bend Studio , has abandoned the American study to leave Crystal Dynamics . As we can see in Twitter’s biography, the current work of him on the new team will be of the design director.

“I am excited to announce that I am now working at Crystal Dynamics as a design director,” read on his tweet yesterday. “That’s all I can say apart from that I am delighted with the project, and especially with a team of really wonderful people».

While he has not wanted to give more details about the project in which he is working, yesterday, during the last official presentation of Unreal Engine 5 , we had news about the new game of Crystal Dynamics. Dallas Dickinson, the General Manager of the franchise Tomb Raider , revealed that they have already become launched with a new delivery of the saga, although they issued that they are still in early stages of their development.

Despite the coincidence, we can not rule out that he has joined the team to work on the reboot of Perfect Dark in collaboration with The Initiative, or even in some projects that have not yet been revealed officially.

Ross abandoned Bend Studio in 2020, a year after the launch of Days G1. Although in the case of Ross, the reasons for the progress of him were not confirmed, he is related to the output of John Garvin , creative director and scriptwriter of the game, due to conflicts between the study and Sony itself. Last year, Garvin mentioned that “the Metacritic notes are everything” for the Japanese company even though it did achieve good sales figures. It was Ross himself, in addition, who declared earlier this year that “the direction of the local study always made us feel that [Days Gone] was a great disappointment.”