Leon Goretzka prophesent time Bavaria

The question of “Sky” reporters did not particularly like Goretzka. Whether the decisive penalty, the Robert Lewandowski used with its 32nd seasonal goal safely for 1: 0 success (82.), in which Bavaria have solved the blockade or uncertainty in the first passage? Both titulations he hold for “exaggerated,” the 27-year-old countered.

One did not play a good first half, the intensity was missing something, Goretzka admitted. “If against an unpleasant opponent, which partly plays with four storms in the last line, the willingness to get to the second balls and win the two-fighting, is not a hundred percent there, you will be bad in the game.”

On Tuesday against Villarreal we have to increase ourselves – and we will do that too.

#missingtype - Leon Goretzka spendet Blut für guten Zweck

Leon Goretzka

But his team has increased, it made “better in the second half about phases”. Goretzka is clear, “that we have to increase against Villarreal on Tuesday – and we will do that too,” he said. “There is really the cottage burning and we will deliver a game that Bayern Like is”, prophesied the national player.

Whether he’s pressure feel? That’s the same every year the same thing about this phase, “Now it’s about”. It’s the phase that “We all love the fans want to see. The K.-O. games come, it’s about title – we are extremely.”

Bestphalia for Müller and Kimmich

Goretzka’s teammates Thomas Müller and Joshua Kimmich have been pleased. The former is the first field player after its 411th Bundesliga pair, which is now at 300 wins. And the latter set Arjen Robbens Bundesliga record and has only 196 playing 150 victories in the account.