First speculation on the new Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics has announced a new Tomb Raider. Fans already speculate about different content.

New Tomb Raider Game Developed on Unreal Engine 5 Announced - IGN Daily Fix
Lara Croft, the brave archaeologist and treasure robber, turn, jumps and struggled for more than 25 years through the video piellandschaft. But for four years it has become noticeably quiet around the English woman. In 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider appeared, the completion of the reboot trilogy and the for the time being last great adventure with the video game icon, as well as the first movie with Alicia Vikander. Although the Mobile Game Tomb Raider Reloaded is still planned for this year, but with a free-to-play title for mobile devices from a “real” new part of talking, something would be romp.

Now the team of Crystal Dynamics, who has to answer for the reboot trilogy, announced during the new presentation of Unreal Engine 5 to work on a new Tomb Raider. However, the development should still be at the beginning, accordingly there are no details about the next game yet. Except for the fact that it will use the Unreal Engine 5, there is currently only the usual marketing blubber that you want to achieve a new level of storytelling, thanks to the new engine in unimagined worlds and offer a bombastic cinematic adventure. What will finally arrive from it remains to be seen and we have to be a few years after this announcement.

Nonetheless, under some fans, the wildness started to speculate about what it could go in the new Tomb Raider. In particular, the logo that has shown Crystal Dynamics is the focus of interest. For example, the Reddit User Tooter Moose have recognized that it was a modification of the European Logo of the very first “Tomb Raider” part. But could it be a remake of the first game? Other users, on the other hand, believe that the background of the “Raider” label could be a part of a pyramid. Until certainly clarity prevails, there will be some time. Let’s see which theories are still set up in the meantime. We would also have some ideas where the adventure could.