“Spa Robo 30” “Capture book” hidden data suddenly free release! On April 13, the announcement notice of the latest information

Simulation for Nintendose Switch / PS4 / Steam RPG “Super Robot War 30” Official Twitter has published the faction capture information on the official site.

The published information is “friendly body data”, “ally pilot data”, “reinforcement part data”, “pilot special skill data”, “aircraft special ability data”, “supporter data”, “supporter data”, “hidden condition data”. They can be viewed in PDF file format.

Both are data similar to the capture book if it is a conventional series, and all released to the acquisition conditions of “hidden points” that can be acquired by meeting specific conditions during the game. These are unusual to be uploaded for free, and from users, the voice of surprise is spreading “What is the first to come out of the official information?”

# ◆ “Spa Robo 30” strategy book is not published?

On the other hand, the same work has not been published by a capture book even though it has been about half a year from the release of October 27 last year.

In recent years, the information needed for progress such as flag branching and hidden data is often considered in the net, and this correspondence may also be a flow of era. However, “Spa Robo” capture book has a word comments on each aircraft / pilot, and there was a side that enjoys the data collection of setting materials and the end of the volume, and the side of the “reading” fact.

Although the “help” is a welcoming opinion to disclose this information, there is also a view to be anxious that the “Spa Robo 30” capture book may not be published, and it is a situation where you can see the attention in various aspects. rice field.

From 0 am April 13th, the delivery of “Spa Robo Channel” to announce the latest information on the same work is also decided. What is the most content of the latest information after publishing capture information including hidden elements? Let’s wait for delivery.