Next Inside Xbox pour se concentrer sur Project xCloud, Xbox Game Pass, etc.

Microsoft confirmed the arrival of a new Inside Xbox on September 24 at 11 pm, Paris time (or September 25 at 00 hours if you live in the same time zone as me), and revealed the first details about elements included in the first report. Broadcast gamescom.

Using Xbox's Project xCloud in the 5G Future!

The event will feature “huge updates” on Project Xcloud, which is very close to its debut in the public premier as it is scheduled for October, and other news regarding the November X019 and the next Upcoming titles for Xbox Game Pass, especially those for PC.

As for Xloud, we are told that we will have more “details”, which could be a definitive output date for public preview and supported devices (so far, we are told that Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Android Mobile devices are the targets).

Among the games confirmed at the event, we will have Ghost Recon Breakpoint, who is also close to his exit early October and will have a segment in the next episode, and “more”, which would mean more surprises their way too.

The other confirmed titles for the event are The outside worlds, which will offer a new “preview”, _Code vein, also launched at the end of September, children from Morta, Dayz, Afterparty, Hitman 2_, and atlas, we should have a lot of bands Announcements and interviews with developers, as usual.

Are you looking at the next edition of Inside Xbox?