Steam makes the megapopular role play free for a limited time

A popular Mega MMORPG has been done for free in Steam for a limited time. In 2022, many MM0RPG will reach the console, but the home of the genre is the PC, which consequently means that the home of the genre is Steam. Some of the most popular games of this genre are only available for PC, but not today’s new gift. From now until April 13, all Steam users can claim _ black-free outbreak. Once added to your library, the game is yours to keep it, without conditions.

Obviously, it is not Steam who has made this gift possible, but the developer (and editor) Pearl Abyss, one of the largest studios in South Korea. The team, which is currently working in _ Crimmesí_, DOKEV, PLANE 8 and Mobile Trébol Black is best known for 2014 Dezzano Black A MMORPG that has attracted more than 40 million from 2020. A prequisite of the aforementioned and next _ crimson, The game is free in some parts of the world, but not everywhere. In Steam, in the west, it usually costs $ 10.

«Rezo Negro is a MMORPG of the living world. Experience fast and full-acting combats, hunting monsters and huge bosses, fighting with friends in a guild to besieging regional nodes and castles, train your life skills, such as fishing, trade, crafts, cooking and much more. An official propaganda about the game.

The official propaganda of the game continues:

“In a medieval fantasy scenario, the game narrates a conflict between two rival nations, the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. With a battle based on achievements and personal qualifications, Black Desert grants total control to players who can point directly, escape and make numerous combinations of different skills ».

Best Reviewed Free #MMO On Steam You Should Play With Friends

In Steam, the game has a “mostly positive” user review rating, with 75 percent of more than 54,000 reviews that qualify the game positively. When it is classified by “recent criticism”, it has the same qualification, but with 77 percent positive criticism. Meanwhile, in MetaCritical, the PC version has a 73 rating. Meanwhile, the recommended system requirements reveal that you do not need a PC for games to execute this game well, which should not be very surprising given its antiquity.

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