“Rainbow Six Mobile” officially announced. You can enjoy strategic gameplay in “Rainbow Six Seas” at mobile terminal

Ubi ISoft officially announced the Tactical FPS “ Rainbow Six Mobile ” on April 5th. Supported platforms are iOS / Android and scheduled for 2022 delivery. Basic play is provided free of charge.

“Rainbow Six Mobile” is a work that can enjoy strategic and high-pace gameplays in the popular Tactical Shooter “Rainbow Six Seas” at the mobile terminal. Development is focused on Ubisoft Montréal, a new independent team for this work.

In this work, the player is divided into the attack side and the defense side and fights 5 to 5. Attacks are strategically attacked using a reconnaissance drone to collect information, use a destructive wall, floor, and ceiling. One defense side strengthens the defense of the intrusion point, and the camera and trap will be defended by the location. It seems that it will be a form of gameplay of “Rainbow Six Sid”. Then, while repeating offensive replacement, a close-fighting battle with the fused strategicity and teamwork is expanded.

The player character appears as a familiar operator in “Rainbow Six Sid”, and SMOKE, MUTE, etc. appear. It seems to be further added in the future. Using each unique ability, weapon, gadget, it will be organizing a team. In addition, it is a map that symbolizes the same work such as “bank” and “border”, and modes such as “securing area” and “bomb cancellation” are also prepared.

In this work, we also implement optimization with the ability to play with mobile devices in mind. It is said that there are a wide range of models that have been dented within the game, for example, a new game play control system that has been developed exclusively, and extensive optimization of the UI and internal visual representation.

According to the development team, it is not a place to move to the mobile to the player of “Rainbow Six Seas”. It is likely to provide an environment that can be played freely and to deliver the game experience of “Rainbow Six” to a new player.

“Rainbow Six Mobile” will be delivered for 2022 for iOS / Android. The official site has started accepting pre-registration, and if you register, information about closed alpha implemented will be delivered soon. If you are interested, let’s register by all means.