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Overwatch 2 Filters of a battle pass

It seems that Digilance 2 you can get a battle pass when it is launch if it is believed in some filtered artistic concepts. This work of art that appeared online recently showed a menu option «Battle Pass» clearly in the middle of all other selections. Supervision Players will already be familiar. Blizzard Entertainment has not yet confirmed any intention to put a battle pass in _Digilance 2, _ however, for now it is not certain that the feature is in the new game.

That said, it certainly seems that there is a good chance that it happens, or at least it was sufficiently thought before including the option in conceptual art in question. That work of art was shared at Jason Kirby Art Station that worked on _Supervision, from 2017 to 2020 and is currently working on an announced project according to its ArtStation profile.

One of the images entitled «Design of user interface screen (concept)» showed what was supposed to be a simplified and refined menu for -relocation 2 according to the description of the menu. Much of the main features within it look like what the players come in _Supervision, but among the options “store” and “challenges” is the selection of the battle pass. You can see that menu below in one of the many cases in which the battle pass feature caught the attention of people and shared online outside of ArtStation.

Since this is just a concept and not a final look at the main menu for Digilance 2, this does not confirm the plans for a battle pass on its own. However, looking at other games that were thrown between the time Supervision made and the eventual release date of Digilance 2, _ it seems difficult to imagine that the game does not have a battle pass of some kind when everything from Battle Royals to the annual games of Call of Duty and _Halo Infinito have chosen to incorporate variants of free and premium battle passes. Supervision already has booty boxes full of all kinds of cosmetics so that players acquire them, cosmetics that could be easily placed within battle pass levels.

Although the battle pass is not confirmed, players at least have a beta version to wait now that a date has been set for that. It will take place on April 26 and will incorporate new features, reapplies of heroes and more so that players try.

Digilance 2 currently does not have a launch date.