“Days Gone” Director announces design director of Crystal Dynamics-participating projects are not revealed

Developer Crystal Dynamics, who has announced “ Tomraider (Tomb Raider)” series latest work in “The State of Unreal 2022” distributed April 6, “Days Gone”. We announced to be appointed to the design director.

Jeff Ross on Bend Studio, Days Gone, and Days Future | Sacred Symbols+ Episode 162

This is a Crystal Dynamics official Twitter that Jeff Ross responded to the recruitment information posted on April 5, 2022. He reported to be appointed to the design director and living in Seattle in this summer, and we call for participation in the studio “I want you to work together”.

Jeff Ross participates in development such as SiPhon Filter series and “Resistance-retaliation” at SIE Bend Studio (formerly Eidetic). In the action adventure “DAYS GONE” released in 2019, he was in charge of director. He retired from the same studio in December 2020.

Note that Jeff Ross has not been clarified to which project to join Crystal Dynamics.