This Elden Ring Trick could prevent them from falling to death

Elden Ring of FromSoftware is perhaps more accessible than its previous excursions, but the dull adventure is still far more difficult than an average game. There are not always the enemies that kill you – sometimes it is accidental slipping and falling. Interestingly, a player may have found a way to check if a fall of a rocky advantage will kill them or not.

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Reddit user, aiseadai, has posted a short video on the site, in which it simply means: “Until you can check if a fall will kill it through an attack.” The video shows your game character, which in a rocky advantage in the Near the starting area of Elden Ring runs and attacks near a short abyss, whereby the character falls a short distance when attack, but remains intact.

AISEADAI then goes over to a rock jump on a cliff, which falls steeply to a underlying beach. They invite a series of attacks near the Simses, which, when unleashed, drop the character directly on the Sims – something that should lead to a tattered and broken corpse on the sand below. Instead, every strike leads to the fact that the character remains on the abyss as if his attacks had to reach him an invisible wall.

While it looks like AiseAdai could have found a way to check if a fall of a rock jump will kill them or not, do not seem to show all rock projections in the game in Elden Ring the same behavior. A reddit user,, lettuce prime, ‘responds to the post and says the trick is inconsistent. The loadout’s own tests confirm that you can still die by performing normal and charged attacks near a rock guess, and this method is not a safe method to check if it is safe to jump.

Although the details of this phenomenon are still unclear, an attack near a rocky projection still seems to be a useful method to check if a fall of some rock projections will kill them, thereby preventing their premature death. Just do not rely completely when you perform your tests in the game until we know more.